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Automate, organize, track, and boost value to your startups

Imagine running your incubator/accelerator with ease - take full logistical control of your operations, reclaim your time from administrative tasks, and enjoy peace-of-mind with our comprehensive, automated systems.

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Customizable like no other!

Our modules are customizable to fit your processes

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    Selection Process

    Support your application and selection process YOUR way. Number of rounds, assignment of responsibilities within rounds, and cascading automation can all be easily customized.

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    Startup Segmentation

    Segment your startups however YOU want. Use our tagging system and limitless program labeling with our dynamic filtering to categorize, sort, and identify startups acccording to YOUR needs.

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    Data collection

    Collect the data YOU need, based on the segmentation you design, at the frequency you like best.

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    All the emails from AcceleratorApp are fully customizable—both in terms of content and design.

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    Application, evaluation, and coaching forms are 100% customizable via our very own form builder.

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    And more...

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100 + incubators/accelerators using AcceleratorApp

See what they are saying...

German Accelerator

AcceleratorApp has helped us a lot to accelerate and optimize our application and selection process. We got very positive feedback from our team and applicants. It’s a great tool for every company reviewing and processing a large number of applications whilst minimizing manual work. The tool is customizable, user-friendly and the AcceleratorApp team is very responsive and supportive!

Theresa SchmidbergerGlobal Operations Manager

Zu Mtl

Having been in the industry for years This app truly allows you to focus on what matters and hit the ground running with your accelerator programs! Tracking startups from the moment they enter the door to the moment they leave and beyond has never been easier. You can grow your coaches without fear of anything falling through the cracks. I highly recommend this app to anyone running or thinking about running an accelerator.

Noor El BawabPrograms Director


AcceleratorApp with its multiple customizable modules allows for convenient management of the acceleration programs. Among many things, the platform allows report generation from startups, accommodates both multiple users, and a large number of applications for evaluations. We appreciate the team’s dedication and support to deliver when promised.

Shantanu ThanviSr. Associate - Technology Product and Solutions

Startup lab

AcceleratorApp has helped us gain time and have more insights into the startups we coach. There was before and after AcceleratorApp.

François JollyDirector of Programs

Features integrated in the AcceleratorApp


Be accessible. The application is supported in multiple languages. These includes English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin

Scheduling tools

Liberate your time by automating integrated scheduling for your team, mentors, and experts

Smart tasks

Drive action by assigning tasks with comprehensive segmentation capabilities

Track emails

Gain clarity by sending tracked emails from within the platform to ensure receipt and interaction

Automate your emails

Become superhuman by customizing your emails and automating communication with users throughout the platform

Calendar Integration

Stay on top of everyhting by syncing your Google or Microsoft calendar with your AcceleratorApp calendar for easy, automated scheduling

Zapier Integration

Collaborate with others by integrating your processes across departments using zapier as a bridge between AcceleratorApp and your favorite apps

And More...

And more features integrated wihtin the software to make your incubator/accelerator run more smoothly