Here are some frequently asked questions, and our answers. Of course if you need more information don't hesitate to reach out.


Can I integrate AcceleratorApp with other apps?

AcceleratorApp uses Zapier to integrate with a plethora of external apps. For more info click here

Is the platform available in other languages?

Yes, AcceleratorApp is supported in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Deutsche, Arabic, Bahasa, Ukrainian, and Russian.

How is the customer support?

Once you signed with us you will have live onboarding sessions with our customer success heroes, which will lead you through all the functionalities and will help you to understand the AcceleratorApp ecosystem.

Apart from that, we are always willing to help! That's why you will have in the lower right corner an intercom bottom, where you chat with us and clarify all your doubts

How many users can join my platform?

Incubator/Accelerator team member (IA team): Admin, Coach, Sub-Admin, Staff. Limited will depend on your plan. Network: Mentors, Experts, Evaluators are free and unlimited. End Users: Applicants, Founders, and Community Members are free and unlimited.

How data storage is managed?

Data back up

All data is back-up every 6 hours for 30 days before being permanently deleted using industry-standard enterprise-grade deletion processes. The storage of data is made in 2 separate Availability Region in case an entire availability Region would go down.

Data updates

When the account is updated, the previous data is deleted from the current DB and disk storage. Within 30 days of the data being updated, the previous data is permanently deleted from back up data as well.

Data suppression

All data backup data is permanently suppressed 30 days after they were backed-up. AcceleratorApp via MongoDB and AWS is using enterprise-grade permanent deletion methodology on the data after it was suppressed from its record. At his request, each user may delete his account, which will be suppressed from the record of AcceleratorApp immediately in the current DB and within 30 days of all backups.

Data encryption

Data is encrypted from its origin to its storage, in storage, and in recall until it is displayed again based on an authenticated request and user. Industry-standard AES256-GCM encryption keys are used for the Database, and the industry-standard 512MB are used on the storage of files.

Data ownership

AcceleratorApp does not have any ownership of your Data or content. For development and improvement purposes, AcceleratorApp has direct ownership of the Meta-Data in the form of analytics to assess how the features are used.

How does the Accelerator App work with low bandwidth?

The app is optimized to have the lowest possible size and it does parallel downloading of its various bundles to achieve fastest connection

Application Process

Can I customize my application & evaluation form myself?

Yes, we have a super flexible form builder where you can create and customize your forms based on your application process needs.

Is there any limitation on the number of applications we can receive?

No, the number of applications you can receive is unlimited. Go ahead push on marketing!

Can I manage 2 or more application processes in parallel?

Of course! the number of application process or "call for applications" you can create and manage at the same time is unlimited. Furthermore, they can have their own process separate from one another.

Can I make my forms available in other languages?

The application and evaluation forms are supported in multiple languages. These include English, French, Spanish, Deutsche, Portuguese, Arabic, Bahasa, Ukrainian, and Russian

Program management & mentoring tools

Can I create custom KPI's?

Yes, you have the ability to create any custom metrics and for each you can set their own frequency of collection as well as their own assignation.

Can I evaluate/asses my startups?

Yes, you can create custom scorecards to allow your mentors, experts, and coaches to evaluate your startups. These are extremely customizable and will allow you to use any model you want or create your own.

Is all the data exportable?

Yes, all the data in the AcceleratorApp platform is totally exportable at a click of a button. More info here

How many events can I create for my community?

The number of events you can create for your community is unlimited! You can also set different visibility settings to make sure the right event is available to the right member of your community.

Can I send feedback forms to my community?

Yes, we have a premium feature called Feedback Request, that allows you to get feedback after a coaching session, training or event. More info here