Working with Startups

Understand the various ways you can interact with startups, and how to use the tools available.

Availability Types

Discover the types of availabilities and when to use them.

Assigning custom metrics

Learn how to assign custom metrics for reporting in AcceleratorApp.

creating a new metric

Learn how to create your own metrics to track at AcceleratorApp

Meeting with startup

How to schedule a meeting with a startup as a mentor

Startup Evaluation

Learn how to set up your evaluation of startups in AcceleratorApp

Managing host availabilities - events

Learn how to add availabilities on behalf of the host for Events

Adding New Startups

Add or invite new startups to AcceleratorApp

Creating Milestones Plan Templates

Learn how to create Milestone Plan templates.

Data and Core metrics

Data and core metrics and how to work with them.

Exporting Data

Learn how to export different documents from Accelerator App

Data Collection Process

Learn how the system will collect data from startups

Feedback Request

Learn how to management your feedback forms

Turning off core metrics

Learn how to turn off core metrics

Creating a Milestone Plan

Learn how to create a milestone plan for your startups

Display data and metrics

Learn how to access the startup data and metrics

Sending Coaching Invitation

Learn how to send an invitation to your startups to book a meeting with a coach, mentor or expert.

Assigning Mentors to Startups

Shows how to assign a mentor to a startup and vice-versa

Starting the coaching session

Learn how the coaching session works in Accelerator App

Direct Connections

Discover the startups that have been connected to work with you

Hours of Allocation

Learn to allocate hours for meetings between mentors and startups


Better understand your startups' performance by visualizing data from evaluation forms.

Startup File - Admin Access

Explore the Startup File