Adding my availabilities

Learn how to do this.





Getting to your availabilities

Form your account got your Account menu, and then click on Availabilities. This will bring you to the availability page. If you have your calendar in sync, you will see your current events overlaid over this weekly calendar. If not, the weekly calendar will display your current availabilities added by you or the incubator or accelerator on your behalf.

Adding an availability

To add an availability, click on the section of the availability part where you want to add availability. A pop-up will open, and you will be able to select a beginning and end time, what you will be available for, the location of that availability. You will then have options for deciding whether this availability is recurring or not. Once completed, the availability will be able to be used in its context.

Types of availabilities

There are mainly three types of availabilities.

  1. Application review: These availabilities will be used if you are assigned to meet applicants in an application process.
  2. Coaching: These are general availabilities to meet startups, they will be used for coaching/mentoring meetings.
  3. One on one specifically: If you create or are invited to host a one on one, you might be asked to add availabilities specifically for this one on one.

See more about types of availabilities here.

Repeating availabilities

If you wish to make yourself available repeatedly over a given period, you may choose to make that availability repeating. If you do so, you will have the options you will have to select the frequency at which you want to repeat the availability and for how long you want to make this repeating.


Frequency of availability

The question in the modal says Repeat every, and then you have to insert a number and then select a period. This could be day, week, month. For example, if you wanted to be available every Tuesday from 3 pm to 5 pm. You need to create that first availability on a Tuesday and then select 1, and then week, which would create that availability every Tuesday until the end option is meet.

End of repeating availability

You will also have to add an end to the repeating availability you are creating. First, you need to select whether this will end after a number of repetitions or after a specified date.

If you select a number of repetitions, you then need to enter the number corresponding to this choice.

If you select a specified date, you then need to choose a date at which you want the repetition to end.

One of the previous choices is mandatory to add a repeating availability.