Accept, Reject and Evaluate Applicants

Evaluate and select applicants. From the application file you can review all information provided by the applicant and the evaluators. You can also manage their flow in the application funnel.



Receiving an application

When someone applies to your program, anyone assigned to manage the funnel will receive a notification with the new applicant. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the Applicant file where you will visualize his/her answers in the application form tab and be able to start the evaluation process from the left side of the page.

Application form

The first step is to choose if you would like to proceed with the application to the evaluation process. Selecting yes, the candidate will be moved for the first round and selecting no, you will be able to send an automatic rejection email that you can create from transactional emails and set up when you would like to send the rejection email selecting the date or instant. Lastly, confirm the rejection and the candidate will receive it.

Rejection email

Starting the application evaluation

The application will be evaluated according to your funnel configuration: the number of rounds, set up of each round such as evaluators, meetings, forms, etc. To learn more about click here.


if you have chosen to add a form for the candidate to fill in the round, he will receive by email the form you added in the funnel settings. You will be able to see the responses of the second form also in the application tab and see the status of the second form on the left side in your selection dashboard.



If you choose to interview the candidate at one of your rounds, an email will automatically be sent to the candidate to choose an interview time according to the interviewer's availability. The applicants are also able to book the meeting from their file. You can also resend the invitation to your selection dashboard.

Once scheduled for the interview, you can reschedule or cancel the meeting by clicking on the 3 vertical dots. If the candidate does not appear, mark as no show. To start the meeting click on the blue button start meeting and when you are finished you can make some notes about the meeting and save it.

Application interview

Meeting notes


When you assign a user to evaluate the application, he/she will only have access to the specific evaluation round that he/she is assigned. Only Admin or funnel managers can see all the evaluations and the combination of them.

The evaluators will receive an automatic task and notification that will be marked as complete only when the evaluation is finished. To start the evaluation, the evaluator needs to click on the task or in the notification where he/she will be redirected to the application profile and have to click on the blue button start my evaluation.

Start evaluation

From there you can complete your evaluation and save by clicking on the save button and submit by clicking on the button save & close.

Evaluation form

If in any of the steps you chose to assign an interviewer or an evaluator later case by case, you can click on the assign now button or modify the interviewer/evaluator. Then the process is the same as described above for them.

Assigning evaluator / interviewer

Accepting the applicant

At the end of each round, you as Admin or Sub-admin will accept or reject the candidate. The rejection process is the same as that previously described. In the acceptance process, once you accept the candidate in all rounds, in the final step he/she is automatically transformed into a startup and you can assign the startup to a program. If you would like to assign tags that will categorize the startup select the tag(s) and submit it. Then, the candidate will receive an automatic acceptance email.

Accept candidate