Creating Tags on AcceleratorApp

Learn how to create a Tag




Tags are very useful to classify your users and startups! Tags are also very practical because they allow you to take action on a group of users or startups via their common tags.

You can

  • Assign a metric to startups via common tags
  • Assign tasks to a group of startup via common tags
  • Select the visibility of an event via common tags

Who can Create & Edit Tags.

Only admins have the power to create and edit tags for your organization.

Types of Tags

Different types of tags exist to allow you to limit who/what each tag can be assigned. This will ensure you can have tags for mentors that are not applicable for startups for example.

  • Startup Tags: can only be assigned to (you guessed it) to startups.
  • User Tags: can be assigned to any users regardless of their user type.
  • Mentor/Experts Tags: can be assigned only to mentor or experts user type.
  • Community Member Tags: can be assigned only to community member user type.
  • Application Tags: can be assigned to the applications created by users of your organization.
  • Event Tags: can be assigned and displayed on the events/events you are creating.
  • Other Tags: can be assigned to documents under the startup file

Creating Tags

You can create Tags and Topics from the Setup and then Tags & Topics. Once on the page, you will see the various types of tags that exist which can be assigned to different users.

  1. Click on the + Add Tag of the appropriate section.
  2. Add the name of the tag in the field name of this tag
  3. Select a color you want to add to this tag in the field Color of this tag.
  4. Then click on Save to create the tag