Leads - Scouting and Pipeline Management

How to use the Leads feature




The Leads feature gives you the ability to scout and manage a pipeline of prospects.

Un-Owned Accounts

Leads are un-owned accounts that are managed by an admin. This allows you to use an application funnel to evaluate prospective companies without their knowledge, then transfer ownership of the account to them at a time of your choosing.

Creating a new Lead

From the application overview, click on the Create New Lead button next to the upper right of the table.

Create a New Lead

A modal will pop where you will have to select the funnel you want to use and name the application.


When you create the Lead, you will be switched to the perspective of an applicant, where you will be able to fill the application form for the funnel you selected as if you were the prospect applying themselves:

impersonating view

If you wish to switch back to your own view, click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner and click Stop Impersonating:

Stop Impersonating

This account will move through the evaluation and selection process of the funnel, but the account will be managed by you until you choose to transfer ownership of the account.

Transferring Ownership

From your view on the application file, click the three dots next to Lead on the upper right of the account name:

Convert lead to User Account

When you click Convert lead to User Account, you will be prompted to enter the name and email of the individual who you'd like to invite to the platform and take ownership of the account. After you click Transfer, the modal will change to allow you to compose the email invitation.

Important: be sure to include the Start Process button in the email.

Upon clicking the aforementioned button, they will be taken to a welcome page to make any changes to their name and email and choose a password, thus completing the transfer of account ownership.