Permission - events and community

Learn how to allow other users/roles to create, edit and delete events and how to hide or restrict a role in community




Admin are able to configure what types of roles or users can edit events and have access to the community. To do this, go to the navigation bar on the left, select settings > permission.

Events permission

From events permission, you will be able to select specific role types to create and edit events or specific users in your community to create and delete events. Select the roles or users and save it:

Opportunities permission

Once you save the configuration, the users will receive the privilege to edit, create and/or delete opportunities.

Community permission

Admin are also able to configure the permission settings to hide or restrict the roles in your community. To do this, select the roles that you would like to restrict or hide and save it. Once you save:

  • The roles you chose to hide in your community will not be visible unless they are assigned to a specific startup.
  • The roles you chose to restrict won't be able to access community search navigation and the users' information from your community.

Community permission