Zapier Integration

How to integrate AcceleratorApp with external apps through Zapier



Integrating with External Applications

AcceleratorApp uses Zapier to integrate with a plethora of external apps.

Using Zapier

You will first need to create a Zapier account. Use this link to sign up and access the AcceleratorApp integration (by invitation only).

Creating a Zap

Access Zapier's own documentation here.

The first step in the process will be to decide in which you you want data to flow. If it's from AcceleratorApp to another app, you will choose AcceleratorApp as the trigger, and and select the specific trigger event that you want to trigger an action in an external app:

trigger and trigger event

You will then be prompted you input your credentials. Your credentials are found by navigating to Account > Settings > Integrations. Scroll down to copy your Incubator Slug and API key.

Zapier key

After confirming the trigger, you will be able to choose step two, which will be an action in the external app. You will be prompted to sign into that external app and select the specific action event you want performed.

In the case you want a trigger from an external app to cause an action in AcceleratorApp, follow the same steps, but start with the external app in step 1.