Creating an application funnel

Learn how to create your application funnel and selection process in AcceleratorApp



First Things First

In order to successfully create an application funnel, you'll need to have the forms that you will be using already created. This is done by navigating through Admin Panel > Forms Settings then clicking the blue Create New Form. Once your form is created make sure it has the blue published banner on it.

Creating a Funnel

In the left side menu, navigate to Applications Manager and Application Funnels. To create a new one, click the blue + Add Application Funnel on the top left.

Creating a funnel

Funnel Settings

You will now be on the funnel setting page. The selections here will apply to the entire funnel. Your first choice is to select the type of category. You can choose Startup for those applying as a startup, or Community Member for those applying as individuals not yet associated with a startup.

Name of the service people will apply to is the name of the funnel and will appear to the applicant as "You are applying for [Name]" when creating their account.

Number of selection rounds is the number of times your evaluators will vote to either select or reject a candidate.

Select the application Form is where you choose a previously created Application form that the applicants to this funnel will use.

Select users that manage this funnel of applications is where you select the users that will have admin privileges over this funnel, with the ability to screen applications, assign evaluators, view evaluations of other evaluators, and select or reject candidates. When this is selected, click the blue Next.

Creating an application funnel

Rounds Settings

The next page is where you set up the logic for each round. When you receive a new application, the funnel manager(s) can screen them to decide whether or not they want to proceed with the evaluation of the candidate. If they are selected to proceed, they will be moved to the first round. For however many rounds you selected, there are four main options per round.

Should we add an instruction email to round? If yes is selected here when you Save these round settings, you will receive a notification in the upper right bell that an email has been created. This email will be automatically sent to applicants when they are moved into this round. To customize the email, click the notification or find it in Email Settings.

Should we add a new form for the applicant to fill this round? If you select yes, you will select an additional application form that applicants will fill when they proceed into this round.

Do you want to meet the candidate in this round? If you select yes, two more options will appear:

  • Type of employees to meet applicants in round x where you will select who you want them to interview with. If you Select later (case by case) the funnel manager will select the interviewers from the applicant file. If you Select someone now, a new box will appear where you will select the individual(s) whose availability will be shown to the applicant for them to book the meeting.
  • Duration of the meeting is where you select how much time they'll book for the meeting.

Should we add an evaluation form to this round? If you select yes, two more options will appear:

  • Select when the evaluators will be selected for round x where you can Select later (case by case), and select evaluators from each individual applicant file. If you Assign now (one or more people) a new box will appear where you can select a person or panel of people who will be prompted to evaluate all applicants in this round.
  • Select the form used to evaluate this candidate is where you will choose the evaluation form you already created which will be used by all evaluators to score the applicants.

When you have chosen your setting for each round, hit the blue Save. You will then be taken back to the Application Funnels page where you will see the funnel.

Editing an application Funnel


There are three toggles on each funnel which can be moved back and for at will.

  • active - archived - active funnels can receive new applications, archived funnels cannot.

  • public - private - public funnels can be found in the dropdown from applications manager, private funnels cannot.

  • Open - Incognito - Open funnels are transparent for the applicant - they can see the number of rounds, will be emailed when they are moved from one round to the next, and can see application tags they've been tagged with. Incognito funnels keep the applicants in the dark until they've been accepted.

    funnel toggles

Using the funnel

Link to application is the link you will put on your website behind your Apply button. Click it to copy. Open an incognito window in your browser and follow the link there to see what your applicant will see. Go through the process by creating an account with a new email to test your work. If you need to edit the funnel, hit the edit icon on the upper right.

Incognito application