Scheduling your meeting as part of your evaluation

Learn how to book your meeting for your application review at your incubator or accelerator.





Are you invited for a meeting?

Not all application processes require a meeting, and not all applications will be meet with if a meeting is part of the application process.

If you are required to book a meeting on your application page, you will see an orange button called book meeting. If no such button is present on your application page, you are not invited for a meeting just yet.

Getting the invitation to a meeting

If you are invited to book a meeting with the incubator or accelerator, you will need to receive an email from the organization you applied to, and you will get a notification on the application. Both of these will have a button to click on, which will direct you towards the meeting scheduling process.

Scheduling your meeting

Once you have been invited, you can click on the book meeting orange button on your file. This will open up the scheduling modal window.

From there, you will have to follow three steps.

  1. Select a date from the calendar. (The dates in black are available, the dates in pale grey are not.)
  2. Once a date is selected, you can select a AM or PM based on what is available. (Dark is available pale grey is not.)
  3. Once AM or PM is selected, you will have to select a time that you prefer.
  4. Here you can review your selection and then hit the Confirm button.

You can always go backward by clicking on the step you want to go back to at the top of the booking meeting.

Please be aware we are using the timezone you were in when you first created your account. If you want to use a different timezone you can do so form your My Setting in the Me section.

Changes to a previously scheduled meeting

If you have already booked a meeting with your incubator and you absolutely need to change it, you may do so. We don't recommend you doing this unless absolutely necessary and definitely not too many times.

That being said, if you need to change your meeting, go to your application file, scroll down to where you can see the meeting booked in the left pane of your application page. On there you will see you booked a meeting and on it a blue button called Change meeting. By click on on this button, you will be able to navigate the other availability to book your meeting. The same process four steps process, as explained above, will follow.

Once completed a notification will be sent to the previously booked interviewer letting her or him know of the change.

What if there are no availabilities left

You are trying to book a meeting, and there are no availabilities left?

First, are there no availabilities that match your availability? If so, we invite you to attempt modifying your schedule to select the availabilities provided to you.

If there is nothing you can do on your side, you may want to write to the incubator you file. You may also click on the support link on the left menu, which will open up the email to reach out to the organization you are applying to. Beware, we don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

If that is not the case and there are simply no availabilities left, you may want to reply to the email you have received to book the meeting. The organization you are applying to will receive that email.

When is my meeting?

Once you book your meeting, you should have automatically been invited via a calendar invitation to the email you have provided when signing up. This may not be the case if the organization you are applying to hasn't set up a calendar integration.

You will also receive an email when you book your meeting, confirming the time and place of the meeting.

Finally, you will also see from your application file the booked meeting outlining who you will meet, where, and when.