Book a meeting with a coach or mentor from their profile

Learn how to book a meeting by going to the profile of a mentor, expert, coach, staff or admin.




Scheduling meetings

You can schedule meetings by going to the profile of a Mentor or Expert that is a Connection of your startup, a Sub-Admin that is assigned to your program, or by going to the profile of any Coach, Admin, Admin&Coach, or Staff and clicking the blue Schedule Meeting button on the right side of their profile.

Scheduling meetings

Finding Users

My Startup File

To find your Connections, navigate to My Startup File in the Navigation Panel. On the left side, you'll see that user's listed. You can click on their picture/name to go to their profile and schedule a meeting. If a user has no availabilities, click the blue Request Availabilities button. Once they add availabilities, you'll be able to schedule a meeting.

Search Community

To book or request meetings with users other than the ones listed on your Startup File, navigate to Community in the admin panel. From the PEOPLE tab, you can filter based on user type, as well as search for users based on the skills they've added to their profile by typing in the Search bar.

When you find a user of interest, you can either click Schedule Meeting or Request Availabilities from their profile.

If you find a Mentor or Expert you'd like to meet but haven't been matched with, send a task to an Admin by navigating through Tasks and clicking the blue Add Task, requesting for that connection to be made.