Getting Started as an evaluator in AcceleratorApp

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Getting Started as an Evaluator

After you create your account, navigate through Account -> Profile.

  1. Next to Your Name, Evaluator, on the far right of the page is an edit icon - click on that to add a "Headline" and link any social accounts, then click the blue button Save.

    Evaluators social links

  2. Under Ask Me About, click + Add Skills to add searchable skills, then complete your profile information under About, then + Add Experience under Professional Experiences.

    update skills

  3. Next, navigate through Account -> Calendar and hit the blue Click Here to link your Calendar to integrate with your Google or Microsoft calendar. To know more about calendar integration click here

    Link calendar

  4. Then, from Account -> Availability, set blocks of time where you can be automatically booked for meetings. Make sure application review is selected in the For section of the availability block. To know more about adding availability click here

    adding availability