Documents - Startup File

Documents Repository of your Startup



Documents - Startup File

To get to this section you just have to click on My Startup and then select the Documents tab. This section is a repository of all the documents that you have uploaded to the platform. The documents that will be reflected here are:

  • Files uploaded during the application process.
  • Files uploaded in each coaching session.
  • Files uploaded from the activity tab.
  • Files that you upload in this section.

You can filter all your documents by type of document, by source (application or startup file), by tags, or you can simply type the name of the file you are looking for in the search bar.

Documents - Startup File

How can I upload a file in this section?

You just have to go to the Documents section and click on the orange upload documentbutton. A modal will be displayed where you can add the document, name and if you can pin it to your activity feed, after filling in all the fields you just have to save.

Uploading a document