Milestones Tab - Startup File

Creating your Milestone Plans



Milestones Tab - Startup File

Learn how to create and edit your Milestones Plans

Creating a Milestone Plan

Navigate to My Startup,click on the menu icon, next to the name of your startup, and select Milestones tab. From there, click on the orange button called Create Plan located on the right upper corner—at this point, you will be able to choose a Milestone plan template. If you select a template, some fields will be automatically populated and the rest must be filled manually. Otherwise, you can create your own plan filling in all the required fields, the name of which will be the Overall Objective (vis-a-vis OKRs).

Milestones Tab - Startup File

Creating Milestones from the plan

Each milestone is a measurable outcome that is meant to contribute to the overall objective - click on the blue Create Milestone button to begin. From there, you fill the name of the milestone, the goal and end date, then save. You are also able to edit the milestone plan, delete or export in a PDF file from the icons on the right corner.

Creating Milestones

Creating Sub milestones

Once you create the milestone, you are able to create a series of sub milestones, tasks, or specific action items, to achieve the corresponding milestone. To do this, click on the blue create sub milestone button and fill in the information related to this sub milestone as title, description, select the function, the goal, the time (in weeks), start date, budget and spent so far. Lastly, save it. You also have the option to edit or delete the sub milestone.

Creating Submilestones