August 31st 2020v7.57.0

Released on August 31st 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


Book meeting from my profile

Do you want to offer the possibility of booking a meeting from your profile? Or maybe not? How much time is available?

To give you more flexibility in the meetings offered from your profile we have added the section "coaching preferences" where you can decide if you want to offer meetings from your profile and set how many minutes you want to offer for each meeting.

Sidebar Menu

We added color validation and an option to reset to default colors.


After updating an email, we will display an alert with a success message.


  • Fixes reminder email for applicants that was being sent when it should not.
  • Fixes form builder when the same validation could be selected multiples times.
  • Fixes translations
  • Fixes CSV example for bulk import users
  • Fixes application report