September 2nd 2020v7.58.0

Released on September 2nd 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


Core metrics feature flag

The core metrics, and the categorization questions, are now behind a feature flag, to allow you to prevent anything but custom metrics from being collected.


Applications Overview

Average evaluation score is an important piece of information when selecting or rejecting candidates. That is why we have updated this information to make it clearer for you. Now you can find the average score of all your evaluators and the average score percentage.

Responsive design

To improve your experience with AcceleratorApp on mobile, we added a + item in the mobile menu.


  • Fixes One on One sessions when they are updated.
  • Prevent being notified when assigning myself to evaluate an application
  • Fix an error that occurred when the question "add user row" was added in a section
  • Fixes on form usage evaluation