September 17th 2020v8.1.0

Released on September 17th 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp

New Features

Feedback forms

Do you need to know what your startups think about your organization?

We now have a new Feedback Forms feature available for you. You can create your feedback form, assign it to your users, send the request and send optional emails.

You will also be able to visualize your completion rate, # responses, status and more about each of the request


  • Fixes on missing form data on submitted applications sent to zapier
  • Fixes on sidebar event card header that doesn't expand when title is long
  • Fixes on feedback translations
  • Fixes on rtl view of settings
  • Fixes on sidebar navigation icon
  • Fixes on not sending round instruction email to inactive users
  • Avoid sending emails for inactive/archived user
  • Fixes on emails that were not being sent when it was sent an invitation for new mentors
  • Fix for startup user with null issue