September 30th 2020v8.5.0

Released on September 30th 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp



Startup metrics are basic and essential information to measure progress and project the company into the future. In some cases, the Incubators or Accelerators want to keep access to this information restricted, that is why we have added the option, in the General Settings of the platform, to decide if you want the mentors/experts to have access to this information by default or not.

Likewise, startups, from their startup file, will be able to decide if they want the mentors or experts, assigned to work with them, to have access to the information of their metrics.


  • Fixes on Cover Image for events
  • Fixes an issue where the edit icon of custom fields in user and startup profile is not showing.
  • Fixes on edit icons that were not displaying
  • Fixes on duplicate avails in the event avails displayer and elimination step if there are duplicates
  • Fixes on default date in booking context
  • Fixes on unwanted data in application export.
  • Optimize resource usage for meeting invitation reminder
  • Fixes on updating the calendar string on automatic unlink