April 7th 2021v9.13.0

Released on April 7th 2021 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


UI/UX Upgrade - Startups Portfolio

Having an overview of our entire Startups Portfolio is super important for incubators and accelerators, but how about having two types of views?

Now it is possible! We have added to the Startups Portfolio section, a view that will allow you to see your startups in a table with different columns that contain the following information:

  • startup logo
  • startup name
  • current programs (comma separated list)
  • current tags (displays the tags)
  • Last coaching session date
  • Number of pending tasks
  • Number of past due task

You can change the view of your portfolio in the right upper corner next to the button Add New Startup.

This is only the first version, many more improvements will come for this section, stay tuned! In the meantime, go ahead and try this new functionality.


  • Fixes on application filter by assigned evaluators
  • Fixes on sending email in BCC
  • Fixes on styling of round 0
  • Fixes on aggregated columns
  • Fixes on incubator terms and services and google sign-in
  • Fixes on fix availability in the future instead of next 2 weeks for application process.
  • Fixes on saving forms with conditional question format
  • Fixes on screen on mobile
  • Fixes on automated tour
  • Fixes on sorting of application files
  • Fixes on styling for event in Arabic
  • Fixes on one on one booking error