April 27th 2021v9.14.0

Released on April 27th 2021 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


Evaluation in Application Process

In the past, when we assigned an evaluator to evaluate an application, a task was created and assigned to that user with the due date automatically set to that day. But we know that the due dates of those tasks can change depends on the round, that is why now you will be able to select the due date for this evaluation to be completed.

It is important to highlight that this functionality is available when the assignation is set up in assign later format in your funnel settings.


User Experience

  • We changed the text of the calendar integration to be clearer in the event description.
  • We allow sending emails from the events section without the button required to go to the event.
  • We allow co-founders to see the contact information of users that are assigned to work with them.


  • Fixes on application tags visibility for evaluators, mentors, and experts.
  • Fixes on the generation of custom metrics.
  • Fixes on displaying the log and cover image in founder profile
  • Fixes on emails preview.
  • Fixes on the preview of custom fields