Events in AcceleratorApp

Learn how to book one on one and group events





Booking events

You can see all available One on Ones, Trainings, and Events by navigating to Events in the side bar menu. You can select the list view or calendar view and filter them by topic and tags.

Calendar view

When you find an event of interest, click on it. If there is a spot available, follow the steps below for each type:

One on one events

  1. Select a date and time from the calendar located on the right side.


2. Confirm your booking. Note: all the other co-founders will be automatically invited.

  1. You will have access to your meetings details from the event, from where you will be able to:
  • Reschedule/Cancel the meeting 
  • Download an ICS file of the event to add it to your personal calendar
  • Access to all the details about the meeting


Group events

  1. Click on the button register
  2. Check the event information and confirm your booking
  3. If you want, you can also confirm another founder for this meeting. To do so, select the box to invite another founder

Confirm booking

Then, the relevant information about the event you've booked will show in the event and/or you will receive it by email. Note: any update in the event is reported to you by email and notification.

Canceling attendance

If you need to cancel your presence at the event click on the information on the right side of the page. Then a popup will appear for you to confirm the cancellation of your presence.

Canceling booking

Creating/Editing Events

In some cases, admins may give you the option to create and/or edit events with your account. If that is your case, you will find in the upper right corner a blue button called Add New, and if you want to edit an existing event you can click on the event and you will find a button called Edit.

If you want to know about creating/editing events, for one on one sessions click here and for group events click here

Creating Events

Editing Events