Community - People and Startups

Discover the community of your Accelerator/Incubator

Getting to your Community Section

Access to the Community section will be totally subject to the restrictions that the admins of the incubator/accelerators establish for your type of user.

If you have access to the Community in the platform settings, you can access it by simply clicking on the Community item in the menu on the left side.


What am I going to find there?

The Community module contains the profiles of the users and startups that are part of the ecosystem.

User profiles will be displayed as cards, and you can search based on user type, as well as search for users based on the skills they've added to their profiles by typing them in the Search bar.

Once the person is found, you can access their public profile. Depending on their role in the incubator/accelerator, you can even book meetings with them. 




What is in the startups' profile?

You will get the startup profiles by clicking on the Startups tab, which is next to the People tab. 

When you get there, the app will display different cards; each represents a profile of the startups in the different programs of the incubator/accelerator. 

You will also be able to access the public profile of that company if you want to expand the information about any of them.


startups community.png