Welcome Incubator

The roles in the incubator sections are represented as Admin, Coach, Staff, Admin&Coach, and Sub-Admin. These roles are typically limited to 10 / incubators on a basic plan.

These roles are used by the employees of the accelerator, incubator, or otherwise, the organization for this general account is created.

The Admin, and Admin&Coach accounts have the full power of editing in AcceleratorApp. They also have full access to the Admin Pannel including the following submenus User Management, Mentor Management, Programs/Coaching Settings, Metrics & Data Collection, Forms Settings, Email Settings, General Settings. Futher one these roles wil give access to the Application Funnel editing.

While Coach, and Staff will have access to all files in AcceleratorApp but will not have access to the Application funnel editing nor the Admin Panel.

The Sub-Admin has a mixture of mentor privileges for program and application funnel he/she is not assigned to and admin privileges for programs and applications he/she is assigned to.


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Bolster your coaching/mentoring processes, track each session and evaluate your startups


From simple task, to process automated tasks, get to know it all


All you need to know for your first few days on AcceleratorApp


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