Welcome Mentor, and Experts

The Mentors and Experts' roles in an incubator/accelerator allows the user to have access to his Profile, Mentoring Dashboard, Application Manager, and the Search Community. As Mentors and Experts, they will have access to add availabilities and sync their calendar. They will also be able to communicate and schedule meetings with startups they are assigned to form the mentoring dashboard.

Mentors and Experts are roles that can view all public information about the user but aren't allowed any files of users or startups if they are not directly assigned to those. Once assigned, they will have full access to the files.


Bolster your coaching/mentoring processes, track each session and evaluate your startups


All you need to know for your first few days on AcceleratorApp


From simple task, to process automated tasks, get to know it all


Customize your incubator/accelerator to match your processes


Build your network of mentors and experts, track each of them and see which deliver best value