March 27, 2020v6.41.0

Released on March 27, 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


One on one naming in event section

Renames the one on one in event section when they are general topic to the name of the host that is offering this one on one.

Program editing

Removes the field duration in program editing becuase it is not being used anywhere. Allows adding a metric to a program from the program editing modal.

User files and starutp files coaching event

Renames the title of the coaching session based on where the event log is. If on the startup file the title now says the name of the coach. If on the coach file, the name of the coaching session says the startup coached.

If the coaching session is of a user, also adjusts based on where it is being displayed.

Disable notification on applicant being rejected

Previously, a notification was being generated and sent to the applicant when they were being rejected. We beleive the email is sufficient and it was also causing problems in cases where the incubator/accelerator did not want to send the email.

Now no notification is being generated for rejected applicant.


  • fixes a rare issue when unlinking google calendar.