March 31, 2020v6.42.0

Released on March 31, 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp

New Feature

Milestones Templates

Allows an incubator or accelerator using AcceleratorApp to create milestones plan templates that can easily be assigned to startups.

The templates can be created from the admin section in the Programs/Coaching settings page in the MILESTONES PLAN TEMPLATES tab.


Disallow reject without selecting a reason

Previously incubators were able to reject an application without selecting a reason for the rejection. This created an error when trying to view the applicant after the dismissal.

We now removed the option to send a rejection email without selecting a reason for rejection.


  • Fixes incubator general setting saving when incubator terms are set to yes
  • Fixes a typo in Programs/Coaching settings page.
  • Fixes a bug with timezone issue in the opportuntiy table.
  • Fixes a double booking issue when the host's calendar is not syncing.