April 2, 2020v6.43.0

Released on April 2, 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp

New Feature

Add hyperlink option to email in the standalone email

It allows users to create an email from the coaching dashboard to add links in the email they are sending to their users.


Upgrade the text editor

Upgrade the text editor in all its locations to improve performance and browser compatibility. Now supports firefox and android.

Splits tasks into different tabs to improve the speed

Split the location of the tasks of startup and of the team in different tabs to allow faster loading of the task page.

Change of the default style of button in neutral style email

Change the orange color for the same blue used in the application.

Change of the default style of login buttons

For incubators without any styling to their incubator/accelerator account, the default style is now enhanced.


  • Fixes text of round decision posts when an application is accepted/rejected
  • Fixes an issue with appointments are undefined
  • Fixes applicant timezone in meeting emails
  • Fixes email limits monthly reset job