April 8, 2020v6.44.0

Released on April 8, 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp

New Feature

Add ability to upload new templates in incubator and accelerator accounts

From now on, AcceleratorApp will be able to more easily add templates of forms, tags, topics, and others in your account if you wish so.


  • Fix evaluation assignation submissions failing for startups without programs
  • Fix host attendee missing in events pushed with google linked
  • Fix some coaching session event erroring out for hyperscript tag containing a more than one node's worth of children
  • Fix attendees time sort and add sort by appointment time (#3127)
  • Fix page crash on appointment time for group events
  • Fix milestones template issue
  • Fix French language grammar
  • Fix event attendee eliminator function