Getting Started Overview

Brief overview of what's covered when getting started as an incubator/accelerator


This is covered at length in the Organization Settings section.

Navigate to Settings in the bottom of the menu. Make sure both General Settings and Branding Settings are correct. Branding and vitals are used throughout the application and in automated external communications.

Personal Account

You Personal Account is your locus of interaction with others as well as the platform itself and is covered in depth in the Personal Account section.


This will be the first impression people have of you, and may also determine how you are found. Skills you add will be found in search when people are looking for help in the Community section.


The calendar integration allows you to automate the booking of your meetings.

Sync your calendar of preference

Only you will be able to see the events in your external calendar. The system will also prevent double bookings when you have conflicting events.

Add Availabilities

Choose when you're available, the types of meetings you're available for (Coaching, Application Review, etc.), and how you should be contacted (physical location, Zoom link, or use the meeting integration as determined by your linked calendar).


Choose your language and timezone if necessary, set up Zapier integrations, and choose your Coaching Preferences.


The platform includes many types of notifications and communications, both automated and manual.


Appear on the upper right to keep you broadly informed.


Tasks are generated either automatically by the system when someone is assigned to perform an action, or manually. You can manage your tasks from the check mark on the upper right of your page, or the Task Section in the navigation menu, where you can see and track all tasks in the entire account.


Emails are sent out by the system automatically to keep people informed off-app. Navigate through Setup => Emails to customize the style and content of each automated email. The circumstances under which each email is sent is described in the editor.