Getting Started as an incubator/accelerator

Get Started with AcceleratorApp.

Start by setting up your profile

First navigate to your profile by clicking on the Account section on the left side menu. Then click on Profile. That will lead you to your profile page. Build your profile so people can get to know you, and add skills in the Ask Me About section so people can find you when searching skills in the Search Community.

Next, link your Google or Microsoft Calendar in My Calendar, and add blocks where people can book you in My Availability. You will find your Zapier API Key in My Settings.

Add your team and invite your network

Under Admin Panel (Setup), invite users from User Management by clicking Add New User. You can also add network accounts from Mentor Management. On the right of each Mentor's name, you will see an edit icon which you can use to assign mentors to startups.

Set up your programs

Under Programs/Coaching Settings in the PROGRAMS tab, click the blue Add New Program button to add the programs you will be running. You can specify vital details and assign Coaches, Staff, and Admin to each program.

Under the Evaluation Parameters tab you will be able to create a Create New Evaluation Form that can be used as a scorecard during coaching sessions. Once you create a sheet, click New Evaluation Parameter to select how you want that form to be used. You can limit each evaluation form to a specific program, subject, or user role, and limit visibility.

Customize your categories

Begin setting up your Tags and Evaluation Criteria in General Settings. Tags can be used the same as any other label in AcceleratorApp, but they are completely customized by you.

Build your application and evaluation process

To begin setting up your intake process, go to Forms Settings in the Admin Panel. Click the blue Create New Form, Name it, then select Application. Next, drag n drop question types from the left to the space on the right to create an application form to your specifications. After you Save and Publish it will be ready to use.

Follow the same process to create an Evaluation form which evaluators can use to score the Application form you just created.

To create your funnel, go to Applications Manager - Application Funnels. Click the blue + Add Application Funnel and fill to your specifications. When you Select the type of category choose Startup if this funnel is for startups or Community Member if this funnel is for solo entrepreneurs.

To customize the emails that have been created for this funnel, go to Admin Panel - Email Settings and create an EMAIL DESIGN TEMPLATE which you can apply to your emails to stylize them. Customize the content from the body of the email. You can name this service whatever you like, as funnels and programs are independent. Number of selection rounds are the number of decision points that are made to accept or reject a candidate. Select the application form from the drop down menu, then Select users that manage this funnel of applications by clicking and filling the green check of each.

The next step is where you create the logic for each round of selection. When you save the funnel, the link that is created it the one that you will put on your website behind Apply, which your applicants will use to create an account and begin the application process.

Test your funnel by opening the Application Link found on your funnel in an incognito window in your browser. Create a test account with a new email address and go through the application and evaluation process.