Automate Application Selection Process

Customize and automate your application selection process. Gain efficiency and choose the right applicants with our application management tool.

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The Old Way

Using multiple platforms for collecting and managing applications.


The AcceleratorApp way


Collect applications and select the best startups, without breaking a sweat.


Did you know?


of your time is spent on operational logistics as opposed to finding and selecting the best applicants.

So Let's... Automate, simplify, and invest in better decisions.


Explore the AcceleratorApp way


Build your selection process, through our round by round funnel builder.

Enhance user experience: Personalize communication, assign judges, schedule meetings, and more!

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Create any number of selection rounds

Create rounds that match your selection process. Add as many as you’d like to enhance your decision making process.

Assign judges to evaluate

Assign judges to each of your startups. Pre-assign, bulk assign or individually assign them.

Schedule meetings (integrated in your calendars)

Select meeting host, customize the settings of the meetings, and boom, it will automate the scheduling process.

Automate communication

Set up automated emails to be sent at the right moment to your candidates, judges, evaluators, and meeting hosts.


Customizable Form Builder

Simple drag and drop form builder

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Question types of your choice

Use a variety of question types including text, numerical, single choice, multiple choice, tables, and even audio or video recordings to collect the application data you need.

Flexibility in data validation you need

Customize each question to be compulsory or optional, add descriptions, and set validations to ensure you receive the desired response format from your applicants.

Conditional rules, sections and pages

Create multiple pages with sections in your forms, include instructions and headers, and only display questions based on their relevance to each applicant.


Build your scoring sheets to evaluate your candidates

Create evaluation criteria with drag and drop

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Tailored evaluation parameters

Design multiple evaluation sheets to target specific assessment parameters.

Note taking options

Blend quantitative and qualitative analysis. Add open-ended notes, voting systems, and range-based evaluations.

Adaptive conditional rules

Streamline evaluations by displaying questions only when relevant to the specific context.

Control evaluation visibility

Choose whether evaluators can view each other's assessments for a controlled evaluation process.