A Learning Managment System to better manage your programs

Equip your startups with personalized learning, streamlined coaching, and powerful progress tracking.

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Learning Management System Accelerator App

Create and Upload Content

Share resources, courses, case studies and more. All tailored to your program's unique focus.

Flexible content management

Organize your content into sections and units for optimal learning flow.

Custom Assignments and Quizzes

Design interactive assignments, tests, and quizzes to evaluate progress and drive deeper.

Question types of your choice

Choose from multiple question formats, including text, dropdowns, multiple choice, and more.

Create and Upload Content

Track Every Step of Your Startup's Journey

Gain real time insights into your startups progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide targeted support.

Monitor enrolments and engagements

Track the number of participants enrolled, active startups, and course completion rates.

Time spent on each course unit

Analyze how startups navigate your curriculum, identify areas requiring more focus and adjust content for optimal engagement.

View progress and last date of access

Monitor individual learning journeys, identify potential learning roadblocks and reach out to provide timely assistance.

Track Every Step of Your Startup's Journey