Startup data at your fingertips

Easily and continuously gather data from your startups. Get detailed performance reports at both individual and portfolio levels with just a click.

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collect startup data

Simplified & Automated Data Collection

Collect only the most relevant data for each startup.

Based on each startup's business model and developmental stage, a dynamically generated form is sent on a monthly basis to collect their data.

Collect and track startup data

Question types of your choice

Select from a wide range of question formats to suit your specific data collection needs.

Flexibility to add conditional rules

Set up smart conditional logic in your forms to ensure relevance and efficiency in data collection.

Manage collected data efficiently

Organize and manage startup data with ease, using our user-friendly interface for maximum efficiency.

Metrics are extrapolated based on the data collected to give you a comprehensive picture of each startup and your entire portfolio.

Get a complete overview of each startup and your entire startup portfolio through advanced data extrapolation techniques.

Startup data Tracking

Customize the data collected by creating your own metrics.

Design your metrics to fit the data collection process, ensuring you capture exactly what you need to know about each startup.

Startup data Tracking