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Premium search and filter for startups

Alain Readman ValiquetteCEOJul 30, 2020 2 minutes

The essence of the innovation portfolio: Core concepts and strategic importance.

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What is an innovation portfolio?

Organizing, filtering, and finding the right startup is now easier and more powerful than ever before. If you are in our premium plan this upgrade occurred automatically and you already have access. From the startup portfolio and the community search (startup tab), you can now filter any startups based on a wide array of parameters. These include,

Language Preferences: the platform is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Indonisian and Portuguese.

Timezone: The system will automatically take your time zone from the search engine, but if you want to change it you can do it from here.

Integrations: From here you can manage the integration of your calendar as well as the integration of the platform with other apps through zapier. To know more about calendar integration click here and to know more about zapier integration click

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