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Why AcceleratorApp is the Best Choice for Startup Accelerators.

Samuel AdeyemoMarketing ManagerMay 30, 2024 2 minutes

Why AcceleratorApp is the Preferred Choice for Startup Accelerators.

In the ever-evolving world of startup accelerators, the right tools are essential for success. Many startup accelerators and incubators start their operations with a variety of common tools, such as Airtable for project management and Google Forms for startup application data collection. However, as your startup or business accelerator grows, managing it becomes a challenge that requires more specialized software like AcceleratorApp.

Overview of Common Tools

Startup accelerators and incubators rely on standard tools highlighted below to manage different aspects of their ecosystem:

Project management

Airtable and are favored for organizing tasks and projects.


Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Telegram, and even WhatsApp keep teams and participants connected.

Data collection and management

Google Forms and Typeform are also used to collect and organize participants' data.

Document handling

Microsoft and Google Suite are platforms for creating and sharing documents.

CRM and scheduling

Accelerator or incubator teams highly favor Hubspot and Calendly for managing relationships and appointment scheduling.

Organizational tools

Notion and ClickUp aid in documentation and note-taking.


It'll be worth noting that startup accelerators and incubators also widely use pen and paper.

These tools serve individual purposes well, but using them collectively can make your startup accelerator or incubator ineffective.


Accelerator App vs Common Tools


Limitation of common tools

While the tools above are individually helpful, they have shortcomings when combined to operate startup accelerators and incubator ecosystems.

Scattered tools lead to scattered efforts

Juggling multiple tools often leads to a fragmented approach where data and communications are not seamlessly integrated and can complicate communications.

Lacks specialized features

These tools are not explicitly designed and are not continuously being worked on for the unique needs of accelerators and incubators, such as detailed tracking of startup progress, integrated mentorship programs, learning management systems (LMS), and startup evaluation processes.


Before joining AcceleratorApp, our application process was semi-automated using a Google link, which funneled applications into an Excel sheet. We faced issues with tracking submissions and relied heavily on Google functionalities for communication and task management. Using MailMunch for emails and Google Calendar for organizing tasks was cumbersome and inefficient, leading us to seek a better solution with AcceleratorApp.


Isabella Tenai,

Accelerator Manager,




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Advantages of AcceleratorApp

AcceleratorApp offers a unified startup accelerator software that overcomes the limitations of common tools.

Central platform for all your needs

AcceleratorApp integrates startup application management, startup evaluations, event management, meeting scheduling, mentor matching, data tracking & management, coaching, resources, and a learning management system (LMS) all in one platform, built just for accelerators and incubators.

Streamlined processes

Everything is handled in one place, from managing applications and evaluations to scheduling events and meetings, making your processes more efficient.

Dedicated support for startups

With features built for mentor matching and coaching, AcceleratorApp supports startups in a way that generic tools like Notion or pen and paper cannot.

Built by an incubator manager for incubator and accelerator managers

AcceleratorApp is the best incubator management software because it is built for accelerators and incubators by someone who originally managed an incubator, ensuring it meets the real-world needs of the startup incubator and accelerator ecosystem.


The complexity of managing various aspects of a startup accelerator or incubator requires more than just a mix of tools; it needs a specialized, integrated solution.

AcceleratorApp simplifies this by bringing everything an accelerator needs into one platform, making it the preferred choice over conventional tools like Airtable, Notion, Google Forms, and many others. 


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