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Alain Readman ValiquetteCEOFeb 26, 2022 2 minutes

Write as you would on Notion or Medium

Lots of changes came along with this new feature.

First, we upgraded the text editor used everywhere in AcceleratorApp. That means slash commands from anywhere, that means pasting working great from any source of text, that means more styling options than ever before, and that means embedding videos and documents as you wish.

Second, a new feature came to life, allowing you to build your content internally. You have a whole array of styling options and the ability to embed documents, videos, and other material. The editor is easy to use and allows you to add components with a simple slash command. You can also embed this content in many parts of your workflows, such as events, coaching sessions, or resources.

Like other resources, these articles come with the ability to control who has access. You can limit this access based on user role, industries, tags, and or programs.

In the future this feature will be further enhanced, allowing you to share your article outside of your incubator and accelerators to other organizations who can embed and use them. We also will allow you to promote this article on the web.


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