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Activity Feed - Profile

How to interact with the activity feed on your profile

How to access my Activity Feed?

When you access your profile you will find two tabs Profile and Activity click on the second option to access your Activity Feed.

What will I find on my activity wall?

All the activities that you have been doing on the platform since your account was created will be reflected here, such as:

  • All the coaching sessions that you have with your startups.
  • All the emails sent from the platform to your email.
  • All the events in which you are involved.
  • All the messages you post using the text editor.

On the left side you will find 3 boxes, in the first you can visualize the programs you belong in the community and you can edit your availability. In the second box you can see your tasks and create new tasks for yourself, and in the third box you can upload documents in case you need quick access to them.


Editor Text

This is a feature that will allow you to take notes for yourself, attach documents or leave messages to the admins of the incubator/accelerator by adding the @ symbol followed by the name of the person.