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Sending Invitation to Book coaching session with your startups

Learn how to send an invitation to your startups to book a meeting with a coach, mentor or expert.

Sending a Coaching Invitation

One of the ways you can facilitate a coaching session with a startup is to send them an invitation email from AcceleratorApp. This email will include text that you can customize and a button for the startup to book their preferred time based on the settings you selected.


Who can send a coaching invitation?

Only admin, admin&coach, staff, coach, and mentor/expert (which are assigned to the invited startups) have the ability to send coaching invitations to startups.


How to send an invitation.

To send an invitation, the coach/mentor hosting this meeting needs to have free availabilities within the next 2 weeks. To know more about Adding Availabilities click here.

From the side menu, click on Startup Portfolio. From there, click on the blue button Send Invite, located at the top right corner of this page. The coaching invitation modal will open where you will be able to edit the following fields.

  • Select the users you want to invite for this meeting. You can select users by their startup or name. Alternatively, you can target groups of users by selecting a program or a tag to include all users within any of those groups.
  • Select the coach, staff, mentor, admin, or expert who will host the meeting. If they don't have availability you can send them a request to add some by clicking the blue button Request (name) to add availabilities.
  • Modify the text of the email.
  • Adjust the duration of the meeting.
  • Select the time for which this invitation is valid.


Note: If you are Admin, Admin&Coach or Coach you will be able to edit the availability on behalf of the host you have selected. To do this, select the host name and click in edit the availability. From there, the coach's calendar will appear for you to select the date and time, location, and repetition of coaching availabilities. Once completed, click on the save button.



Once the invitation email is ready, you can double-check who is invited to the meeting and then press the blue Send Invite(s) button.

The invitees will each receive an email to schedule a meeting with the host of the meeting and will be able to select their preferred slot from the ones you have made available. The users will be able to pick the availability on a first come, first serve basis. You can also track the email from each startup profile of the invited users.