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Calendar Integration

Benefits to sync your personal calendar with AcceleratorApp

Why should I link my personal calendar?

Synchronizing your calendar will allow you to be up to date with all the events, meetings and sessions that have been booked and managed through the platform. We offer two types of integration one-way sync and two-way sync.

The main difference is that the two-way sync will allow us to access your calendar, create events, edit them (in case there are changes) or delete them when they are cancelled, we will also reflect in your AcceleratorApp calendar the events of the synchronized calendar preventing double bookings by reading events in your linked calendar as time you are busy.

On the other hand, with the one-way sync all those changes will appear in your calendar as an external calendar but we will not be able to know when you are busy in your personal calendar. Additionally, your external calendar will only be updated as frequently as it fetches the data, which is often as infrequently as every 6-12 hours.

In both cases, it is super useful to synchronize the calendar to have an overview of all the events / meetings that have been generated in AcceleratorApp and you are involved.

Don't miss any event/meeting, go and sync your calendar!


How to sync my personal calendar with AcceleratorApp?

To synchronize your calendar you must navigate to your account menu and click on Calendar once there you will see in the upper right corner the button called Link your Calendar by clicking on that button you will be able to synchronize your calendar. For more information about synchronization click here.