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Lock Skills in the User's Profile.

Decide how you want to manage the skills your users can add to their profile

Lock Skills in the User's Profile

To maintain a pattern of the type of skills your community can add to their profiles, we've developed a feature that will allow you to add the skills from the Taxonomy section. Then, your users will be able to select them from a dropdown menu on their profiles.


How can I activate the skills controller?

This functionality is available for premium accounts.

To activate the skill controller, go to General Settings and click on Permissions; once there, you will find the Lock Skills option, which you can activate (green) or deactivate (red).




Where can I add skills?

To add the skills your users can choose, go to the Setup menu and navigate to the Taxonomy section. From there, you will see the section to add User Skills. Click on it, and a blue button will appear, letting you create as many skills as you want.




What will this look like for my users?

The skills section will remain the same, but in this case, users will have to select their skills from a dropdown list; they will not be able to type or customize them. Likewise, the option of adding a rate to each of them will be maintained. To learn more about traditional skills, click here.


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