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Activities Tab - Startup File

How to interact with the Activities Tab of the Startup File

Activities Tab - Startup File

When you access your Startup File, which is located in the left-side menu under the My Startup section, the first tab you will find is Activities. If you click on the menu icon next to the name of your Startup, you will find access to the other tabs.

Activities Feed.png

What can I do in the Activities tab?

Under Activities, you will find all the actions you and your co-founders have taken on the system since the account was created. It could be a lot of information, so you can filter them by:

  • Comments: You can use the comment feature whenever you need to message your admins/mentors/coach or leave a note for yourself. Simply click on the send message button, located at the top right, and select the Add Note option; the system will show an editor text where you can write your note/message, attach documents, and tag people by simply adding the @ symbol followed by the name, and then post it to your timeline. After you post your notes, you will be able to edit or delete them.

Note that the only notes you can edit/delete are the ones you created yourself.


  • Coaching Sessions: Every time you have a meeting scheduled with a mentor/expert/coach, a link will be generated to enter a tool that will allow you to take notes about the meeting, receive tasks, exchange attachments, and, in the case that it is allowed to observe the evaluations received. You can quickly access these links in the Activities tab > coaching sessions. Take into account that once the meeting is over, the notes are saved in this same section, so you can find notes of past meetings quickly here as well.

coaching sessions.png

  • Emails: This section shows you all the emails sent from the platform to your email address.
  • Upcoming events: Every time you register for an event or reserve a meeting, that action will be reflected here, indicating the day, the time, and, in the case of a one-on-one session, the option to enter the tool to take notes.
  • Data Reporting: here you will be able to update your metrics and check the ones you have updated so far. 

data reporting.png

Activities Tab - Connections

On the left side, you can find all the information about your startup, such as the company name and logo, program (s) to which it belongs, and connections.

In the connections section, you will find the mentors/experts/coaches who have been chosen to work with you. Therefore, they will have access to your startup file, can invite you to have meetings, and you can go to their profile and book meetings with them, leave messages, etc.

Below, you will find two boxes, one under the name of tasks where you can see your assignments and the other under the name of documents where you can upload files.