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Adding My Cofounders

How to add your cofounders to the platform

Adding My Co-Founders

Adding co-founders to your startup is a straightforward process. From the My Startup page, simply navigate to the company information tab using the tab selector at the top left. Scroll down to the team section, and you'll find a user-friendly green button labeled 'Add Co-Founders. '

By clicking on the 'Add Co-Founders' button, you open a modal page that puts you in control of inviting your co-founders to manage your startup on AcceleratorApp.

From the modal, add the first and last name and email of the founder you want to invite. You can also click on the add founder button to invite more than one founder at a time.

Once you have entered all the information about each founder you want to invite, click the send invitation button.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 4.09.10 PM.png

Email Invitation

When sending the invitation, you will email each of your co-founders. The invitation email will contain a button to create their account. They will be invited to set their password when they click on the button.

Co-Founder Accesses

When your co-founders create their accounts, they will have the same access level as you. There is no difference between the access you have and the access they will have.