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Coaching Sessions

Show how founders can join to a coaching session

Coaching Sessions

Learn how the coaching sessions work on AcceleratorApp.

Getting to the coaching session

When you schedule a session, you will receive a notification and email with the time and date of this session, and an event will appear on your calendar. To learn more about scheduling sessions, click here.

You can also check the information on your Startup File under the coaching session tab. From there or from the email you received, click on the green button to start a meeting, and you will be redirected to the meeting session.


Coaching Sessions.png


Starting the meeting

Once you are in the coaching session, you can take open notes and see closed notes. From here, you can create tasks for yourself or your team and upload necessary documents by clicking on the functions/files in the bottom corner of the page.



Once you finish the coaching session, click on the red button to end the meeting. The notes will then be saved and visible on your activities tab and the coaching session tab.

Coaching sessions ev.png