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Updating your metrics

Learn about the monthly data data updates in AcceleratorApp

What happens to the data you update?

First, you should know that you (as founders of the startup) own the data: not the incubator or accelerator, and definitely not us at AcceleratorApp. If you want us to remove the data, we will do it. One more thing: you should know that the incubator or accelerator has access to view the data as they need it, but we don't.


Why do incubators and accelerators need that data?

Well, that varies from incubator to incubator/accelerator, but this data is mostly needed on two levels.

  1. To better help you.
  2. To create some form of impact reporting or portfolio reporting.

Okay, how is this data helping the incubator/accelerator better help me? Well, that is quite simple; with more information about your business's performance and activities, they can help you spot how to improve parts of your business or correct specific courses of action. That is the whole point of why you want to work with them, isn't it?


On the impact reporting & portfolio reporting: Well, this is how these organizations are financed. The public-funded ones have to report on the number of jobs created, the number of startups still in operation, total sales, total money raised, and so on. The organization financing your incubator or accelerator will keep increasing, cutting, or reducing financing based on that. Further, these reports are also used in benchmarking so that they can see how your incubator/accelerator can compare itself to others and see how it can improve.


All in all, this is for your benefit and the benefit of startups after you.

Also, At AcceleratorApp, we take your data privacy very seriously and want you to get the most value out of this. So, we are currently creating a data room tool that will allow you to share that data with investors or banks and control and monitor their access to it. More on this later.


How are these metrics determined to be relevant to me?

Well, this all depends on how you answer the categorization questions

  1. Have you launched?
  2. Have you started to generate sales?
  3. Do you have a recurring revenue model?
  4. Do you have free users?

When you answer these simple four questions, you are letting us know which metrics should be used for you.


How are more metrics present than the ones that we fill?

Ah, Ah! That's a good one, and we hope you like it. Our goal is to make your life simpler, not harder. We know that as a startup, you need to analyze your own company, but who has the time to calculate all of that data? Well, we do that for you! Based on the data you are feeding the system, we generate other data points by calculating these different metrics.