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Getting Started as a co-founder

Getting Started as a co-founder of a startup

First things first

The first time you log in to your account after being accepted into an incubator or accelerator program, you will be asked about your business model and for past data. Answer these questions to the best of your ability.

Start by setting up your profiles

Navigate to your personal profile by clicking on the My Profile section on the left side menu. That will take you to your co/founder profile page. Build your profile so people can get to know you, and add skills in the Ask Me About section so people can find you when searching skills in the Search Community.

Next, fill out your startup profile by navigating to My Startup Profile in the side menu. There is an edit icon on the right side of the page in-line with About which will allow you to fill out all the fields below.

Use tools and follow activities

When you go to My Startup File from the side menu, you will be able to view your program(s), assigned coaches and mentors, as well as tasks. You can create tasks for yourself other other by clicking the blue New Task, and upload files by clicking New Attachment below that.

On the top of your Startup File are two tabs: Your ACTIVITIES timeline displays all the actions taken on your account; your recent data updates will be displayed there. You can go to the ANALYTICS tab to plot metrics, or Export Metrics to have you data emails to you in an excel spreadsheet.


The events module is where you will find the One on One, training, and group events available to you. When you click on an event, you will be able to Register. For One on Ones, you will select a time.

Make a plan

Navigate to My Startup Milestones and click the blue Create Plan. In Name of the Milestone, name your objective.

Next, click the blue Create Milestone to create a deliverable that will help your reach your objective.

Under each milestone, you can click the blue Create Sub Milestone to plan specific initiatives that will help you achieve the milestone you previously created. You can allocate budget and keep track of spending for each sub milestone.