Submitting an application

Learn how to submit an application to an incubator or accelerator through AcceleratorApp.

Getting to your application file

On the side bar menu click on the menu item called Applications. From there you will see you current and past applications.


Filling the form

Before submit your application you will need to fill the form. You can add the required information to the form save and come to back to it later and your latest saved data will be stored for you to pick up from where you left off. Don't Forget to SAVE!! :-)


Submitting your application

When you are ready to submit your form, if you have filled al required information you will be able to press the Submit Application button which will be orange.


If the Submit Application button is grey, it means you still have some required information that is missing in the form. To help you find the required questions not yet filled you can check on the exclamation mark icon, located next to the Submit Application botton. Click on the icon to open a box that will display a list of all required question not yet completed or invalid. Click on any of these listed item and the screen will scroll to the issue listed.


Once submitted the incubator/accelerator or organization you submitted to, will be notified and will review your application based on their defined scheduled.


You will be notified if you take action once your application has been received.


Deleting your application

To know about how to delete an application click here.