All of the events, trainings, and one-on-ones for your startups - in one central place.

Incubator Calendar Events

Trainings, Events, Office Hours, Mentor Sessions, & more

From our central calendar, startups can see events in your incubator or accelerator. This might include your office hours, offerings from mentors and experts, special one-on-one days, and more. It allows startups to take actions such as registering to group events and scheduling one-on-one sessions.

Easily publish events, trainings, and one-on-one sessions.

Trainings & Events





Select host, date, time, location, attach files, set a maximum capacity, select who can view, and automatically register startups of select programs. In brief, everything you need to manage your internal events and tanning sessions. Your incubator / accelerator will run so smoothly you’ll wonder how you spent your time before.

training event

Single Startup Sessions

one on one

1 on 1

Create topic-specific or general one-on-ones. Add availability for automatic booking, or prompt the host to select their own. Share documents from the session, select topics each mentor wants to cover, integrate with your calendar, and remember the painful days of determining which mentor was best for each startup, spending time trying to match schedules and get feedback from both session participants. Well, now it’s automated!

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Events Reporting

exporting data

Attendance / registration / targeted

Yep, we know how important reporting is, from the performance of your startups to the attendence of your events. So that’s why reporting for events is embedded and happens with the single press of a button.

events reporting

Want to automate, simplify, and track your events?