Startup data at your fingertips

Easily and continuously collect data from your startups to gain performance insights on both the individual and portfolio level. Produce your reports at a click of a button.

Simplified & Automated Data Collection

Incubator portfolio value and management

Collect only the relevant data for each startup

Based on the business model and stage of each startup, a dynamically generated form is sent on a monthly basis to collect their data

Metrics are extrapolated based on the collected data to give you a comprehensive picture of each startup and your entire portfolio.


Customize the data collected by creating your own metrics

Create your own metrics you want to collect for your incubator portfolio

Create your metrics and assign them to the startups you want to collect from

KPIs and Calculated Metrics

Analytics Dashboard for your incubator and your startups

KPIs and analytics dashboard for each startup in your portfolio

You and your startups will have a clear picture of their performance