September 23rd 2020v8.2.0

Released on September 23rd 2020 as a minor release with small new features and enhancement in AcceleratorApp


Form Builder

If you need to share your forms with your colleagues who do not have access to AcceleratorApp, now you can! We have added the option to share the form through a public link with your teammates. This option does not allow applying to an application process; it is a view-only preview.


  • Fixes on query Form Submission Request Recipient
  • Fixes on do not consider calculated metrics when all core metrics are turned off
  • Fixes on image editor
  • Fixes on user limit bypass via pending users
  • Fixes on text translatable
  • Fixes on application overview to display filters for questions inside a section
  • Use exact match for validating new/edited program name and abbreviation to avoid false positives.